In his spare time as a Professor at Indiana University’s Media School, Uslan’s 2006 commencement address at IU has been named one of the top graduation speeches of all time by USA Today, NPR, and Graduationwisdom.com. Beginning in the 1970s, he wrote Batman for DC Comics before moving into films by acquiring the motion picture and allied rights to Batman in an effort to bring a dark and serious Batman to the silver screen.  In 1989, he was Executive Producer on Tim Burton’s Batman and has since served as Executive Producer on all the modern Batman films to date (including this year’s Lego Batman Movie and Justice League). Other films to his credit include, National Treasure (2004), Constantine (2005) and The Lego Movie (2014). An Emmy Award winner for Best Animated Series based on the popular computer game, Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?, Uslan’s memoir, The Boy Who Loved Batman, has been published by Chronicle Books. He has hosted programming on Turner Classic Movies and at the TCM Classic Film Festival.