John Badham has earned the reputation of being an “actor’s director” through a career impressive in its range and diversity. In 1977, he guided a then-unknown John Travolta to worldwide fame with SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. In 1983, the two films he directed that year, Blue Thunder and WarGames, received four Academy Award nominations. Since then, he’s collaborated with such luminaries as Laurence Olivier, Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp, Richard Pryor and James Garner in films that have won both critical praise and box office success. His credits include American Flyers (1985), Short Circuit (1986), Bird on a Wire (1990), Stakeout (1987), Point of No Return (1993), Another Stakeout (1993), Drop Zone (1994), Nick of Time (1995), and many TV Films. Badham is currently directing episodes of popular network TV series like Arrow and the long running hit Supernatural. An executive producer/director for Steven Bochco’s Blind Justice he’s also directed episodes of Psych, Nikita, Rush Hour, The Shield, Heroes, Las Vegas, and Crossing Jordan. He also received two Emmy nominations for his work on the Hal Holbrook series The Senator and the television film The Law (1974). In addition to his work as a tenured professor teaching film to a new generation at Chapman University, he has written two books about the work of directing: I’ll Be In My Trailer (2006) and John Badham on Directing (2013) and has received two lifetime achievement awards from international film festivals.