Jeffery Masino, through his company Flicker Alley, is a producer at the forefront in presenting both original content and cinema classics for new audiences to discover and enjoy. Jeff has always been driven by a fascination with film history and a desire to share this remarkable art form with others. Strategically picking projects that are both historically and artistically interesting, and creating unique, quality presentations, are two factors leading to his company’s success and differentiation in the industry over the past fifteen years.

Flicker Alley is known for projects that are the culmination of hundreds of hours of research, production oversight, and shared passion of many talented collaborators. From bringing back silent films produced by Howard Hughes that were not seen since their initial release in the late 1920s, to funding the reconstructions and film restorations of The Young Rajah (1922), and Abel Gance’s celebrated anti-war film, J’Accuse (1919), (with co-producers David Shepard and Serge Bromberg), Jeff has produced dozens of broadcast presentations in partnership with Turner Classic Movies, a champion outlet for these important pieces of film history.

Jeff’s latest work, as part of the team at Digital Bedrock, is focused on establishing the digital archive of the future. The company is a secure digital preservation service that protects and keeps digital assets evergreen, ensuring that new audiences will always have access to cinema classics to enjoy.