Get ready to view little seen moments from Republic Pictures preserved by Paramount Pictures Archives.  Paramount’s head archivist, Andrea Kalas, will show clips from these preserved movies, some of which haven’t been seen in decades. The Republic Pictures library is looked after by the Paramount Pictures Archives and in the past seven years, the archives have taken on a 100-title-a-year preservation program, preserving those films most urgently in need of preservation first (many of these have been from the Republic library).  The result of this program is that the films produced by this famous B-movie studio are now available for viewing, some of them for the first time since they were originally released. Westerns and the great cliffhanger serials are what Republic is known for, but there are also musicals, film noir and British collaborations during the era of the “Quota Quickie.” The program also highlights the great and early talents of John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Nathanael West, Allan Dwan and Anthony Mann. Great titles such as Yokel Boy (1942), Rendezvous with Annie (1946), Singing Guns (1950), Born to be Wild (1938) and Man of Conquest (1939), among many others, will be represented. It will be an all-singing, all-dancing, all-horse-riding, all-gangster-talking, all-cliffhanging, all-entertaining tour through the famous “Poverty Row” studio.

In attendance: ANDREA KALAS