Club TCM

Exclusively for passholders*, Club TCM is a private locale in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where movie fans can gather to relax, meet new friends, and attend special presentations and events with many of our celebrity guests. Recreating the flavor of bygone Hollywood hotspots, Club TCM embodies true Hollywood glamour and is located in the Blossom Room—the site of the very first Academy Awards banquet.


*Select events limited by pass level.


    3:00pm - 4:00pm - SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW MOVIES

    Bruce Goldstein, repertory program director of New York’s Film Forum, returns as host of his popular annual quiz, now a TCM Classic Film Festival tradition. Everyone – from casual movie buffs to fanatical film fans – are welcome to take part in this fun, often astounding team challenge, and you can join a team on the spot (minimum 2 team members, maximum 8).

    5:00pm - 7:00pm - WELCOME PARTY

    Join your fellow passholders as we kick off the 8th annual TCM Classic Film Festival.  Please refer to the back of your pass for entrance eligibility.



    Think of the great comedy teams of movie history and the names Abbott & Costello, Burns & Allen, or Martin & Lewis spring to mind. But some of the most enduring two-person comedy teams were never actually billed as such. Historian and author Kliph Nesteroff (The Comedians: Drunks, Thieves, Soundrels and the History of American Comedy) presents great moments from the mid-century “comedy teams” of Milton Berle & Arnold Stang, Jack Benny & Eddie Anderson, Lucille Ball & Gale Gordon, Kathleen Freeman & Jerry Lewis, Mary Wickes & Arthur Lake, and more. Nesteroff explores the story of these unofficial comedy duos with an in-depth presentation, followed by a Q&A.


    Legendary director/author Peter Bogdanovich will discuss his prolific career in this one-hour conversation. Beginning his career in the 1960s under the wing of director Roger Corman, Bogdanovich made his directorial film debut with Targets (1968). After making two more films, he co-wrote and directed The Last Picture Show (1971), making stars out of its newcomers and cementing himself as a forerunner of the American New Wave.  He followed the film with a series of cult classics and Oscar-winning pictures with Hollywood’s finest, and today continues to make films and write books about the history of cinema.


    Classic films are often rescued from obscurity by tireless champions of movie history. Although challenges abound in assembling these films for new and existing audiences alike, persistence, patience, and hours of detective work, sometimes with partner archives, result in renewed recognition for many of these movies. Hear from these unsung heroes on the front lines of film restoration, the art and skill of bringing movies back from oblivion.  Panelists:  Amy Heller, co-founder Milestone Films; Jeff Masino, President, Flicker Alley; and Bret Wood, VP and Producer of Special Projects Kino Lorber.  Moderated by Eddie Muller.


    12:30pm - 1:30pm - THE ART OF SUBTITLING

    An important part of film restoration today is the one most overlooked: the subtitles.  First used in the early 1930s, superimposed titles were first added sparsely to foreign films, with the belief being that people didn’t want to read at the movies. In recent years, new technology has helped make them sharper than ever. The best subtitles, though, are those the audience doesn’t notice. Bruce Goldstein, who has written and edited subtitles for over 30 classics released by his company, Rialto Pictures, presents this entertaining history of the process, and will give an insider’s look at creating subtitles for movies like Panique (1946), Grand Illusion (1937) and Godzilla (1954).

    3:00pm - 4:00pm - A CONVERSATION WITH LEE GRANT

    The multi-talented actress and director Lee Grant will discuss her fascinating life and career in this one-hour conversation. Grant made her film debut opposite Kirk Douglas in Detective Story (1951), which earned her an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actress, but her promising film career was cut short when she was blacklisted for not testifying against her then husband, Arnold Manoff.  Grant continued acting on television throughout the 1950s and returned to films in the late 1960s, appearing in such works as In the Heat of the Night (1967) and The Landlord (1970). During the 1970s, Grant transitioned into directing, creating an impressive body of work, most recently the Kirk and Michael Douglas documentary …A Father…A Son…Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2005).

    5:00pm - 6:00pm - HOLLYWOOD HOME MOVIES

    The Academy Film Archive shares gems from its collection with specially-selected home movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age including a homemade comedy by the Alfred Hitchcock family; making The Adventures of Robin Hood; a live broadcast of Al Jolson’s radio show; the 1938 Leading Men vs. Comedians baseball game; behind the scenes with Gypsy Rose Lee, Billie Burke, Oliver Hardy, Loretta Young, Celeste Holm, Betty Grable, James Stewart and more. Enjoy unique, rarely-screened footage with special guests and musical accompaniment by Michael Mortilla. Presented by Randy Haberkamp, Managing Director of Preservation and Foundation Programs for AMPAS, and Lynne Kirste, Special Collections Curator at the Archive.


    12:30pm - 1:30pm - ASK LEONARD MALTIN

    Don’t miss your chance to get to know one of the most recognized film critics and historians, Leonard Maltin. In this one-hour Q&A, Maltin will answer audience questions about his 50 year career as a writer, television host and interviewer. He’s met everyone from Buster Keaton to Katharine Hepburn, and looks forward to sharing his stories with TCM fans.


    Don’t miss this one-hour conversation with iconic interviewer Dick Cavett. Cavett made a name for himself in the 1960s and 70s as the host of his own groundbreaking television show, The Dick Cavett Show.  As a talk show host and personality, Cavett interviewed the likes of Bette Davis, Groucho Marx, Katharine Hepburn, Ingmar Bergman, Danny Kaye, Marlon Brando and many more during the various incarnations of his broadcast. Cavett’s likable persona, erudite conversational skills and wit has made him a staple in popular culture for generations, and he has garnered eleven Emmy nominations and three wins throughout his career. Cavett has managed to draw intelligent anecdotes and tales from some of the greatest stars he has conversed with, while also bringing his own charm and humor into the homes of many.  Book signing is immediately after the event.

    9:00pm - 12:00am - OFFICIAL CLOSING NIGHT PARTY

    Join Ben TCM and your fellow passholders as we celebrate new friends, new memories and our shared love of classic movies.  Please refer to the back of your pass for entrance eligibility.